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Week Starting 14/3/22

Le Tour de Merriwa declared a Success!
The curtain has fallen on another Edition of Le Tour de Merriwa. It was not our biggest field but certainly one of the most exuberant.
At 8am to rousing cheers of spectators and supporters sporting the blue, white and Red Tri-colours and the stirring beat of La Marseilles 130 riders of all ages on all manner of pedal powered devices rolled over the start line.
The air was fresh and cool, the overhead sky was clear and North up the valley in the distance a feathery whisper of cloud tickled the midriff of Oxley’s Peak, Moan Rock and East Bluff.
Three peaks of climbing to settle the legs and get the blood flowing before the course settled like a dancing shadow alternately hugging and extending away from the banks holding the clear flowing water of Coulsons Creek.
Past the rows of lovingly maintained olive groves and green paddocks with fat black cattle, ornate gateways to historic homesteads and wonderfully decorated mailboxes.
A marvelous display of community spirit from Kilwirrin hosting an artists impressionary scene depicting life as a bike-packer…. Very clever!
Onward and upward over the rise to Dales Angus and a bacon and egg roll, a cup of coffee and a piece of freshly baked CWA banana bread.
Back on the bike and a splash across the causeway and the valley narrows and the hills close in – a few recently shorn merinos look up quizzically as the peloton surges past in a flash.
180 degree turn then down down down with the odd up then a dogleg up Mountain Station Road and back again – 3 leg burning hills then home for sausage sizzle, coffee, pizza and a meat pie. (Gotta make up for those expended calories).
The day flowed very well due to the efforts and planning of the many people and organisations involved.
The indefatigable Nicky Western (Scone Triathlon Club & UHSC sports participation officer) who handles all the bureaucracy and most of the planning involved with the event such as the road safety plan insurance and registration process. Her expertise, calmness under pressure and enthusiasm for our community ensure that everything works smoothly and efficiently. On top of all her organisation she is right up amongst the leaders of the peloton.
It would not be possible to hold this event without the diligent assistance of the VRA and RFS. Their presence on the course ensures the safety of our participants. We are very thankful for your commitment not just for LTdM but every day of the year. You are true heroes.
Neil Hunt and the Merriwa Mens Shed did some great work decorating the town with spray painted bikes, cooked the BBQ for our participants and not only allowed us to use their premises to run the event but set it up and packed it all away.
The CWA baked up a storm providing sustenance for our riders.
Stephanie and David Murray of Dales Angus assisted by Turramurra Rotary Club and Tash Taaffe hosted the drink station complete with tea, coffee and bacon and egg rolls. Our participants were thankful for your warm hospitality.
The ever reliable James Constable placed the traffic control barrier boards and provided valuable experience and advice.
The ever reliable Rob Tindall managed the end of the course and everything in between.
Chris Mitchell, Pieter Bakker, Leo Collins and Justin and Annabel Hunt kept a watchful eye over the field and provided mechanical assistance where required.
Thankyou to journalist and Photographer Mike Wong for attending recording the event. We look forward to reading all about it in the Merriwa Diary. A Special Thankyou to Mike for his ongoing efforts to keep Merriwa in the news.
We are appreciative of the Merriwa Show Society holding two movie nights to complement the weekend and provide nighttime entertainment for locals and visitors alike.
We would like to recognise the efforts of our local UHSC road repair crew that did some excellent work in repairing the road to make it safe for our event. We understand what a tough and demanding job it is to maintain all the roads across the district – particularly with all the weather events of the past year. We appreciate your efforts.
Our sincere appreciation to all the riders that came from near and far to participate. We hope you enjoyed your day/weekend and come back to visit again soon. It was fantastic to see so many locals riding this year too.
Finally a huge Thankyou to the Merriwa, Cassilis, Gungal and Sandy Hollow communities for the way you have got behind this years event. The wonderful decorations certainly drew plenty of attention from passing traffic. Our riders were thrilled with the cheer squads set up along the route.
For those interested the triple peaks challenge is on Sunday 24th April in Scone. Nicky Western is the chief organiser so you can be assured it will be another great event.
Friday 6th May
Merriwa and District Meals on Wheels street stall
Donations will be appreciated
Expression Of Interest.
Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces
Former and interested individuals
are invited to attend a meeting on Monday 21st March 2022 at 6pm in the UHSC meeting room, Bettington Street Merriwa
(Old Library)to form a new committee.
Nomination forms can be obtained from the Merriwa Community & Visitor Information Centre.
For more information contact Merriwa Community & Visitors Centre on
6521 7046 or email fotf@upperhunter.nsw.gov.au

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