163-167 Bettington Street

Merriwa NSW 2329

Ph: 02 6548 2106

Fax: 02 6548 2156

Email: crosscountry.merriwa@gmail.com


Merriwa’s One Stop Shop!


                                        Full Mechanical Workshop                                                Petrol Station                                                        Car Wash

NRMA Country Service Center

We have fully trained motor mechanics who can carry out log book servicing and repairs to any vehicle. We do certificate inspection on all light vehicles. Bookings made by phone

02 6548-2106 or email crosscountry.merriwa@gmail.com .

We provide all your essential food needs for that long trip or just missed the shops for that much needed food item. Full range of drinks, hot food and basic groceries, CDs and more, and for your car – essential oils spare parts etc.


Service Station hours are 5.30am-8.00pm

7 days a week


We accept Visa Card, MasterCard, Caltex Star Cards and Motor Pass.

We have Unleaded91 Premium95 and Diesel available. We also have Swap and Go Gas bottles and NRMA Batteries. We stock a range of Hot Pies, Cold Drinks and Snacks.

NRMA Country Service Center

Open 9.00am -5.00pm Mon/Fri

Providing CTP Greenslips, Insurance (e.g. home, car, and caravan), Membership and Roadside Assistance. Huge range of NRMA maps and accommodations guides.

NRMA Roadside Assistance 24/7 Call Center # 13 11 11

We also provide Towing Services.