Hunter Medical Practice Merriwa, Denman & Muswellbrook

Hunter Medical Practice


Dr Noman Jawaad

Dr Paul

Dr Mehrnaz Samet 

Two new Doctors, they are: Dr Fozia Ali Mardan Mian Shaikh and Dr Ahmed Alam 


Our website is, there is a link to book on line for Merriwa and Denman or you can download an app.


Opening Hours: 8am – 5 pm for all locations. 

Closed for Lunch 1pm to 2pm.



Merriwa current opening hours are:

Tuesday 8am – 5pm

Wednesday 8am – 5pm

Thursday 8am – 5pm


Denman will be opened Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 

Muswellbrook 5 days


Practice nurse

Practice Nurses are: Angela Montgomery, Annette Waterson and Mwinji Mutono

Admin : Carol Cronin, Chantel Blake, Sharon Feeney.




We are open  Merriwa and Denman from 8am – 6pm

Our Staff are very accommodating and that’s why we start early to be able to see the patients before 9 am, before work and school, also our doctors are more than happy to stay back and have late appointments as well, to offer help to patients after 5 pm.

As well as routine consultations the following are available:

Women and Men’s Check-ups, skin checks, pap smears, nutritional advice, ECG – heart check, Minor surgery such as excising moles, skin cancers, suturing cuts etc, Antenatal care, Immunisations for children and adults, Vaccinations for travel requirements, Cryotherapy for sunspots and warts, Medicals for employment, licence renewals, travel insurance forms, centre link forms etc,

Blood collection – This can be done at any time during the day. . Pathology tests are bulk billed.

Home visits are available after contact with Dr Jawaad for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery. After hours visits are offered if deemed necessary.