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Merriwa Treasure Hunt declared a SUCCESS!!

Merriwa Treasure Hunt a Big Success

Thanks to newsXpress Merriwa and Merriwa Community Portal for the Treasure Hunt held on the weekend.

A huge congratulations to not only the 4 winners from Sunday’s Treasure Hunt, but to all the children, parents, grandparents, friends, and anyone else who participated.
We are glad to call it a success, with at least 30 entry sheets recieved! There was an amazing are range within the participating children, and in some cases there were 3 or 4 generations of the one family participating!
The winners are: Seraphina Denning & Arlo Hourn – both recieved a $25 My Merriwa Gift Card thanks to the Merriwa Portal – and – The Mun/Wright Families & Williams Family – each family recieved a book thanks to newsXpress Merriwa.
It was great to recieve such positive feedback from not only the families who participated but community members alike.
We would also like to acknowledge and thank everyone for being considerate of each other and sharing the pathways around town, regardless of if you were walking, cycling or cycling, or if you had a pram!
A massive thank you to newsXpress Merriwa and the Merriwa Community Portal for making this event possible!! Hopefully we can see more in the future!

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Merriwa Treasure Hunt


Merriwa Community Portal and NewsXpress Merriwa are proud sponsors of the upcomming Treasure Hunt on Sunday 26th September. 

To join in, head to Merriwa newsXpress and get your entry sheet on Sunday 8am, and then off you go!

There is no start time or finish time and due to Covid restrictions and we ask that you stay in family/friend groups and that there is a responsible person with each group.
Please wear your hats and suncreen, bring your water and bring a pen. Remember this is not a race, so take your time and enjoy this beautiful weather.
Pick up your entry form on the day and return it by Tuesday 28th September for your chance to win 1 of 2 $25 Merriwa Gift Cards.


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